Sinterklaas who does not know him

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Sinterklaas who does not know him

The big old man with an unknown age turns Holland upside down

Het Sinterklaasfeest uitleggen aan je buitenlandse mede-studenten kan nog knap lastig zijn. Wij helpen je een handje.

In Holland we celebrate “Sinterklaas”. He comes all the way from Spain, with his steamboat to all harbours in Holland. He brings presents for everyone. Well, not everyone. Mainly children. The sweet children. He records if you have been naughty. If so, you will not get any candy. No, you will be hit with wooden sticks. Kids who have been really bad will be put in a bag, and will be send back to Spain. No one knows what’s happening there to them.

Oh come look and see what I have found in my shoe
Sinterklaas remembers all the names of the children and he makes notes in a book with a red cover, but he does not do all the work by himself. He has help from others, who have their face covered in all kinds of colours.. Or no colour at al. They are called “Pieten”. The helpers put the presents in the chimney, while Sinterklaas walks on the roofs with his white horse. Like a prince, but different. The horse loves carrots, that’s why children put carrots in their empty shoes when they go to bed.

Package evening 
He stays in Holland for a few weeks. Most important day of his stay in the fifth of December, because then we get a shitload of presents in the evening. But there are people who want to surprise other people with a poem and a Do-it-Yourself creation. That’s up to them you know..
Sinterklaas leaves on the sixth of December. In silence. We will not hear from him for a whole year.
That’s basically the whole story. He does not really exist by the way. When you are seven or so, your parents tell you it was all a big lie and that Sinterklaas was your neigbour dressed up in a white dress with a fake beard.

Funny right?

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